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Soul Cycle Pride Campaign 2021

TomBoyX at DapperQ Fashion Week Show

Ariana Grande for Music Choice

Bergdorf Goodman - Akris Fall 2019 Lookbook

Ballet Beautiful YouTube Channel

Lewis Del Mar - New Shapes ft. Lizzy Plapinger for VEVO

BTL Emsella® - This “Kegel Throne” Strengthens Vaginal Muscles | NewBeauty

McDonald's Puerto Rico - 'Saborea Nuestra Isla' Campaign 2021

J Balvin for Music Choice

How Gender Impacts Everyday Life - Cond Nasté, Them.

Kendrick Lamar for Music Choice's 'The F Word'

Cartuchera Comunitaria Campaign for La Maraña Puerto Rico

miraDry X Luxurgery

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