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"Thunder Thighs" - Miss Eaves

"Shark Week" - Hand Job Academy

"Bookie's Dirtbag" - Kid Bookie X Wheatus

"Pu$$y Chicken" - Hand Job Academy

"Vibin' Remix" - Big Dipper

"I Can't Believe I Found You In That Town" - Mike Doughty

"Wait! You'll Find A Better Way" - Mike Doughty

"Wild About You" (Remix) - Johnny Burgos, feat. Liza Colby

"Finite Jest" - MC Lars X Wheatus

"Creepin" - Johnny Burgos

"Knickerbocker Street" - Clint Michigan

"For A Second" - Uncle Meg

"Shake You" - The Liza Colby Sound

"Winning It Or Losing It" - John Debt & Uncle Meg

"Feelings" - Johnny Burgos

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